Thursday, February 18, 2016

Confidence and Body Alteration.

Every few days I pluck my whiskers. Every day, I ride my bike for at least an hour. Every few days, I do yoga. Every six weeks, I bleach my hair. I wear a bra almost every day. Sometimes I wear boots with heels. Sometimes, I wear make-up. Every year or so, I get my brows done. On super special occasions, I get a mani-pedi. Every once in a while, I wear a pair of control top panty hose. These things, all of them, alter my body. I can tell you that if I didn't do everything I do to feel good, I would look entirely different.

And there is nothing wrong with that. After my whisker plucking vid came out, I got a lot of people telling me that they were confused about my message, that they didn't know if I was telling people to love themselves the way they are, or to change the way they are.

I believe, down to my toes, that you should do whatever you need to do to feel good about yourself. If that includes plucking your whiiskers, getting breast implants, getting your eyes done, so be it. It is your choice and if it helps you feel good, no one should  tell you that your are wrong. 

That is the whole thing about confidence. You must OWN it. You must make it yours. Part of confiidence, is telling people to fuck off. Part of it is doing what you damn well want to do. Part of it is getting to know youself well enough to know what will make you happy. This shit does not come from outside sources. It does not come from your parents, your partner, or your priest. It comes from deep inside.

A large part of my message, such as it is, is to do confidence YOUR WAY. Not my way. Not the way the mass marketing machine would have you do it. Not the way Oprah does it. No. confidence, to be truly powerful, must be cultivated on an individual level, without regard for conformist standards or consumer culture. 

The best any of us can do is be ourselves. Not our neighbors, not our sisters, not our parents clones. 

Be just who you want to be. There is power in that, and in that power, you will find your confidence. You will find your value. 

Do confidence your way. 

​Then show us what you got.

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